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Research - Feasibility assessment

At Te Whatu Ora | Te Toka Tumai Auckland the various clinical disciplines, departments, services and units may have different conventions for developing, presenting and approving the undertaking of research amongst their population groups. In some areas, such as National Women's Health, there is a formal research group that meets regularly and strategically to think about what research to support and what not to support.

Once an idea has been agreed upon for further development by the staff who will be supporting the study, it is the principal investigator’s responsibility to ensure that the proposal is scientifically and methodologically sound, operationally and financially feasible and ethical.

It is important that any proposed research considers the likely impact on standard care of patients, access to care and other resources (human, logistic and financial).

In addition, it is important to consider whether the research is likely to impact on other areas, for example, nursing, allied health, laboratory, radiology, pharmacy and medical records. It is recommended, when relevant, that these groups are consulted with early to ensure that they are able to assist in the way the research proposes. 

Once these steps have been followed formal agreement to proceed to submit your research to the Research Office should be obtained from the clinical director/leader or director of nursing, depending on the area of research. How this is obtained is up to the respective people.