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Mel Williams, Clinical Midwife Specialist

"My wife and I met Mel Williams, our Midwife Specialist at Auckland City Hospital, when she handled our case concerning abnormal scans during my wife’s pregnancy of our second child.

"With all the sincerity from myself and my wife, I must send this letter praising the support I received from Mel during the time we spent at the Auckland City Hospital and every encounter we have had with her.

"Mel’s professionalism and genuine compassion have helped us through what has been the hardest time in our lives, she was truly caring and made sure we were treated with respect and kindness.

"Her skills in communication are exemplary, she always talked to us in a way we could understand and had a kind way to communicate difficult to accept news.

"I would like to say a big thank you to Mel for her support over this time, we were treated with dignity and kindness at every step. Thank you to Mel for your support."

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