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Morgyn Erasmus, Occupational Therapist, Taiao Ora (Ward 51)

A staff member

Morgyn is an occupational therapist in Taiao Ora, Aotearoa’s first integrated stoke and rehabilitation unit, at Auckland City Hospital.

We caught up with Morgyn to learn more about her role and why she chose Occupational Therapy as her career. 

“I love my job! Working in stroke rehabilitation is particularly meaningful to me. My mum had two severe strokes in 2010 and I know what it's like to see a loved one work so hard to regain the things we take for granted. Everything I had once considered ordinary became a series of extraordinary milestones. Witnessing Mum ‘heal through doing' opened my eyes to the therapeutic potential of occupations. Twelve years later, it is an honour for me to be part of other people’s' rehabilitation.  

 “Occupational Therapy wasn’t my initial choice; I had previously been on journey towards a doctorate in clinical psychology but finding occupational therapy was like a lightning bolt moment and I knew this is what I wanted to do. 

 “Since graduating from Auckland University of Technology in 2019 I spent time developing a broad range of skills in child and adolescent mental health and long-term residential care for people with a brain injury.

“My current role involves assessing how a neurological event (most often a stroke) has impacted a person's capacity to manage daily life tasks.  Then I work collaboratively with them and their family to help them re-engage in their daily activities and regain their function. I also help facilitate the support they’re going to need when they leave the hospital. The work is fast-paced and dynamic, interesting and challenging in the best of ways.

 “Occupational Therapy is such a rewarding career. It provides so many opportunities to do meaningful work with people of all ages across many practice areas, including mental and physical health, education, advocacy, design, management - the list goes on. Helping people live their best lives no matter what challenges they face means I end up living my best life too.” 

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